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Penny Pot Image

Penny Pot wind development


MEDIA STATEMENT - 06/02/2014

Kelda withdraws plans for Penny Pot wind development following extensive public consultation

Kelda Water Services (KWS), sister company of Yorkshire Water, today announced that its proposals for wind turbines at Penny Pot and Scargill South near Harrogate have been withdrawn.

KWS had submitted a planning application for the Penny Pot site in 2012 and was still scoping the possibilities for the Scargill South site.  Both proposals will now be withdrawn.

The two proposed developments by Kelda Water Services would have offset energy used at other Yorkshire Water sites. But the company has now withdrawn them following extensive consultation with residents which showed over-riding opposition to the proposals.

Tom Hall from Kelda Water Services explains: "We've worked hard to listen to the concerns of the community and, on balance, have decided that those concerns out-weigh the merits of the proposed developments.

"We are still committed to using renewable energy to help protect Yorkshire Water from the potential impact of price rises in the volatile energy market, ultimately contributing to keeping customer bills as low as possible.

"The business of treating and cleaning water is very energy-intensive and, with an energy bill of more than £50m each year, it's important that we continue to explore opportunities for renewable energy across the region, including wind. We take a site by site approach to identifying suitable locations for renewable energy generation and the views of local communities  are an important part of this"

Yorkshire Water aspires to generating 50% of its own energy by 2020 to help power its operations. To help achieve this, it is committed to other on-going wind projects across the region, generating energy from waste and other energy initiatives

In this area you will find the latest details about the Penny Pot wind development. We hope that you find this useful and that it helps you to understand more about the specifics of the project, the benefits that it brings and the public consultation process that we will go through to help inform our final planning application.

10/09/2012 - The final public exhibition was held on the 1st October at Harrogate Grammar School, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 0DZ. 4.30pm - 7.00pm

27/07/2012 - Application has now been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council and can be accessed with the reference 12/02939/EIAMAJ.

24/05/12 - We are now moving into the second stage of consultation. Public exhibitions will be held at the following locations:

If you unable to attend either event but would like to find out more about the proposal and have your say, please email us at

The below graphic shows the planned site boundary of the development - the red line denotes the boundary edge:

Penny Pot Site Layout


What are we proposing?

We have an outline proposal to install up to seven wind turbines with a maximum tip height of up to 100m on land next to Scargill Reservoir. Through a consultation process with the local community and interested groups, we wish to discuss and take feedback on this outline proposal.  This will then inform our final planning application which will include the final number and height of turbines.

The benefits - helping protect the environment and customer bills

We use a lot of energy to collect, treat and distribute water and waste water to our 4.8 million Yorkshire Water customers across the region - and our annual electricity bills now stands at £45 million.  

The energy that we purchase is heavily dependent on unsustainable fossil fuels which emit damaging carbon into the atmosphere and this same energy is also volatile and expensive in price.

To help protect the environment and our customers from rising bills, we have a target to reach 50% of energy supply by 2020 from clean renewable sources such as wind, anaerobic digestion and hydro power. 

Our commitment supports the Government's national target of generating 15% of all energy from renewables by 2020.

Key project facts

*Based on the displacement of emissions from generating a mix of fossil fuel

We are also carrying out a more general assessment of another local site which forms part of a Yorkshire-wide study. We do not know at this stage if and how this will progress but we will keep you fully informed about this assessment.

The proposed site was found to be especially suitable in terms of its wind aspect.

Location map for wind development

Penny Pot Map

Indicative image from the A59, from the north west of the site

Penny Pot Lane Wind Development - From A59 North West Of The Site

Community fund

We believe in giving something back to the local communities who have wind developments in their local area which is why with this development we will create a community fund to allow local people to benefit from the profits of the development. We'd typically work with local communities to agree a framework within which the fund can be used to fund local projects. We'll let you know about this if the application is successful.

* It is important to note that the offer of a community fund will not effect the decision to grant planning permission for the project as it is not a planning matter.

The consultation process - have your say.

Consultation Image

When we embark on developing a planning application for a wind development we believe in carrying out a proper consultation with the local community. Our aim is to listen and consider how feedback can be incorporated into our final plans.

For this scheme, we plan to hold individual meetings with local elected representatives and key interested parties. We will also be holding two exhibitions to showcase our proposals in order to give local people the chance early on to talk to members of our team and to see at first hand what is proposed.

We will then take on board the feedback we receive from this consultation, to help inform our final planning application. We will then begin a second round of consultation, including a third and fourth public exhibition once the plans have been worked up in more detail, to give local residents a chance to see and discuss our final plans. More details will follow on these.

What to know more? Visit one of our public exhibitions

We have now held two rounds of public exhibitions throughout the application process and will be holding a final exhibition following the submission of the application. This will be held on the 1st October 2012 and we will be communicating the details to the local community shortly.

We are very keen that local people are involved at every stage of this proposal, from this early engagement, through the planning process, to construction and beyond. If you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to get in touch with us in the following ways:


Phone: 01274 691111

Address: Martyn Basierak, Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford, BD6 2SZ


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