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Category 5 Reduction initiative

KWS Alpha operates to some of the most comprehensive Water Quality standards in Europe. In the case of pH, Chlorine and Phosphate concentration, we are assessed at each of our 5 facilities, by Northern Ireland Water, every 5 minutes of every day. This equates to 1.1million tests every year. In order to achieve a sustainable level of compliance, KWS Alpha implemented an award-winning "Category 5 Reduction Strategy" in 2010. The Water Quality standards achieved by KWS Alpha, as part of this strategy have earned the business plaudits from our sister companies, and a prestigious Kelda Group Business Excellence Award.

KWS Alpha is faced with a unique compliance challenge in the form of our "Category 5" parameters. Chlorine, pH and Phosphate targets are constantly being changed to suit the needs of our client, and we must accommodate these changes and stay within a narrow tolerance of what our customer requires. This means we must demonstrate good chemical control and excellent asset management in order to reach and maintain our targets.

Prior to the implementation of the strategy, KWS Alpha would routinely experience 60 or more occasions when we were outside of our narrow operation band. The strategy set a sustainable target of just 30. Not only was this achieved, but now KWS Alpha routinely achieves below 20 exceedances per month, and this will be our benchmark going forward.

The strategy itself targeted the following:

KWS Alpha accomplished its goals and now demonstrates a level of compliance that far exceeds the standards demanded of regulated water companies.

This initiative was the first in a series of initiatives implemented by KWS Alpha to deliver great Water Quality standards, while optimising chemical usage. The next initiative was the THM Reduction Strategy.