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Taking responsibility for the water environment for good

A new approach

In 2011, the Kelda Group launched a new vision - 'Taking responsibility for the water environment for good' which was the first time that all companies within the Kelda Group had come together to work towards one common goal. This move was particularly significant, representing a much more joined up approach to how we run our business whilst putting us in the best position possible to meet the challenges that we face.

Kelda Vision

Fundamentally our new vision recognises the importance of water as a precious resource and our desire to look after this valuable product from source to sea. Whilst we are proud of our previous achievements we know that we can't stand still if we are to continue to deliver excellence in customer service as well as further improvements in water quality and environmental performance.

We believe that the long term sustainability of water is fundamental to the long term sustainability of our business. The world around us is changing and we must adapt our thinking and our processes so that we can meet the growing demand for water and waste water services, provide even better value for money for our customers and meet the challenges presented by climate change.

Our new vision takes a very long term view of how we operate our business, looking at how we manage water and waste water treatment both now and in the future and the water environment as a whole.

Within our vision you will find specific areas of focus: